Neurofeedback is a state-of-art completely non-invasive technique that deals with self-regulation of the brain and body. It is based on the principles of operant conditioning and reinforcement, where brain waves are trained based on the feedback it receives. Neurofeedback helps the brain to function optimally and enhance the overall well-being.  

What is the process?

An assessment of the brain is the first step, through the process of Quantitative EEG. (QEEG). Current patterns of the brain waves are mapped to find out the extent of regulation or dysregulation. Based on the brain maps, specific brain areas are targeted and training provided so the brain can begin to function optimally. 


Training is based on each person's individual symptoms and a brain map. Various training modalities are used:

-Surface training 

-Amplitude training

-Deeper structures of the brain or sLORETA training

-Infra Slow Fluctuation training (ISF)

-Alpha-Stim training 

-Vielight therapy

Is it covered by Insurance?

Most insurances may not cover Neurofeedback. It is best to check with your insurance provider. A detailed receipt will be provided to you that can be submitted to your insurance provider. 

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